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Hello Everyone, Welcome to this website of mine. My name is Shraddha Shukla.

This website was developed for informing the world about astrology and its various parts.

Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, Chinese Astrology, Kundali Shastra, Vastu Shastra, and many more have lots of things to tell to the world.

Many people don’t believe the fact that astrology is a real deal. They think it is made by people who use it to trick and rob people.

I want to tell these people that NASA launches its rockets according to this vast collection of knowledge.

I want to tell these people that our ancient texts and scriptures can’t be wrong.

I want to tell them that no one just popped on one-in-a-million planet which has all the suitable conditions, resources, ecosystem, suitable everything.

I want to request them,

Please. Don’t insult God and his Divine creations.

If you don’t understand this language, you can translate it from the Google Translate widget.

But please, all the people who want to preserve the things God has given us, those, only those who have the curiousity to learn the universal knowledge lord has given us,

Follow this blog, not for me, for HIM.

No forcing,but

It’s a request.